Thursday, January 10, 2008

What To Do When Your Basement Floods

When your basement (cellar) floods it is important that you act quickly. The sooner you address the problem the greater chance you have to minimize the damage. Water left in a basement can cause mold to grow and affect the top floors of your home.
Step 1: Make sure all electric is turned off before you walk into a flooded basement. (Call a professional basement waterproofing contractor)
Step 2: It is important to install a portable pump hooked up to a garden hose. (we call them floor suckers) It is better to remove the water from a flooded basement slowly rather than quickly. Removing water too quickly from the basement can cause structural damage to your foundation walls. There are also some pumps that sit outside the basement that run on gas and draw the water up from the basement.
Step 3: If you basement is finished it is important to call a professional basement drainage contractor as soon as possible to assess your basement and provide you with a permanent solution so your basement doesn't flood again. To find a reputable contractor visit
Step 4: Remove all organic materials that has gotten wet such as sheetrock, wood studs, carpeting, etc.
Step 5: DO NOT REFINISH YOUR BASEMENT WITH ORGANIC MATERIALS. Visit to learn how to finish a basement properly.
Step 6: Set up dehumidifier(s) to totally dry out your basement space. Keep running them until the relative humidity is below 50%. You can purchase a hygrometer (to measure the relative humidity) on in the basement depot shopping mall.


wall crack repair said...

It's very important to make basement waterproofed.because it protect basement from being wet and so also prevent unwanted damages. Nice post. I like it!

Basement Finishing System said...

Remodeling basement is an ideal place to make your house healthier for you. And, here are important things which you need to take in consider before you start remodeling your basement.

royal smith said...

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Annie Drip said...

With our experience at our company Rotorooter, many of the common culprits of water in your basement or crawl space can be related to the following:
* Problems with your equipment - home drains, underground drains, sewer lines.
* Subsurface water and groundwater * Landscaping - your home's or your neighbor's
* Roof water
All of these problems can be remidied with the proper expertise.

Smith Grace said...

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Andre Franklin said...

One of my old neighbors had to deal with a flooded basement almost regularly. It seemed like every other year they had some new problem pop up that ended with their basement being covered in an inch or two of water. I've honestly lost track of how many different repairs they've needed to have done just over the time that I was living near them.

Zach Thalman said...

I have never had my basement flood all the way like this where the furniture is floating in the water. We did have our basement flood but it wasn't enough to ruin the furniture. The carpet was really ruined and some of the walls. The best thing you can do is get rid of the wet and damaged materials as soon as you can. The sooner you can the less money you will have to put into repairing the basement.

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