Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow & Ice Melt Causing Flooded Basements Throughout the Northeast.

Snow & Ice Melt Causing Flooded Basements Throughout the Northeast.

Steps you can take to protect yourself now:

1) Make sure to remove all snow around basement windows. Sand bagging in front of doors and windows where water is likely to come in.

2) Purchase a "floor sucker" pump that you could connect a garden hose and pump water off the floor down to an 1/8". There is no need to break the floor with this type of pump.

3) If you have a sump pump - NOW is the time to test it and make sure it is clean and ready to go. You may want to install battery back up protection to your electrical pump or install a 2nd sump pump that will operate on 12 vt battery power.

4) Make sure to seal up any basement wall cracks - these are known to cause unwanted ground water into your basement. Purchase DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kits

5) A five gallon wet-dry shop vac is great item to have to remove small amount of water if it happens to come in, however be careful that you don't hurt yourself by emptying the water out of the shop vac. Water weigh about 8 pounds per gallon. Some people will empty the shop vac by using a small pump like a floor sucker to pump the water outside away from the foundation.

6) If you are experiencing basement flooding - there are expertly trained contractors throughout the USA and Canada who can help you solve a flooded basement and design a system to help you so you won't have to deal with flood again.  See Flooded Basement Contractors