Thursday, October 4, 2007

What To Do When Your Basement Is Flooded

There are some safety concerns when your basement is flooded.

1)Be sure all electricity to the house is off. Before walking across the basement floor - check and makes sure no power or appliance is on.

2)It is important to remove the water in the basement in stages. Water removed too fast from a basement may cause the foundation walls to collapse.

3) Make sure that the water you are pumping out of the basement is directed in a way that does not cause a safety hazard. For example, do not allow ground water to be pump into the street in winter months as it could freeze and cause a dangerous situation.


Travis said...

Very serious conditions may occur when proper planning is not considered for exterior discharge of water.Sump pumps are a life saver the majority of the time when installed correctly.It is important to always consider what may occur if you dont allow a professional to assist in designing the safest and most affective means of discharging the water from your basement.If it is closer than four feet you may be recycling the water,that can be expensive, electricity.Your neighbors should also be considered if they are near where you plan to discharge.Plants and Trees may be in the line of proposed discharge over watering is a concern.Take the time to consult with a project manager you will be glad you did.Travis

Cory Anderson said...

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